Transitioning into Post Primary

At Enfield Community College we recognise that the transition from primary to post-primary can be a stressful event for all students and their parents. We understand the importance of communication, consultation and consolidation during this transition.

We are continuing to build relationships with our feeder primary schools. Our Principal Shane Foley is in regular contact with Principals from our feeder schools.

 We have excellent practices in place to support students at various transitional points. For example, our Principal Shane Foley will visit our Feeder Schools to inform 6th class pupils about our school. The year head and Special Needs Coordinator from Enfield Community College meet with the primary schools to discuss issues and share information around transitioning to our college.

In the future we will be organising open days for our incoming students and their parents. Providing specific information, including details of the physical layout of schools, teacher roles, timetables, curriculum, school policies and procedures and extra-curricular activities.

Induction activities during the first weeks of term facilitated by peer mentors, are particularly important for students. Organising ‘meet and greet’ sessions for parents during the first term of first-year provides parents with an important forum to share information and a basis on which to build relationships.

At Enfield Community College we spent some time designing our own unique booklet for “Transitioning.” Our incoming students fill out this special publication before they enter our college. As part of our school culture, we will then be presenting this booklet back to our 6th years at their Graduation.


Download Enfield Community College Transitioning Booklet