Parents’ Association

The parents are recognised as partners in the education process and we welcome their participation. The Parent’s Association plays a very supportive role in many aspects of school life, including involvement in extra-curricular activities, fundraising to supplement the school budget and the development and implementation of school policies.

The Parents Association of Enfield Community College plays a very active as part in our community. The association works in collaboration with the school to enhance the broader educational experience of all students. The Parents Association aims to:

  • To encourage the participation of parents in their children’s education
  • To inform parents of their rights and responsibilities regarding the education of their children
  • To help the Principal, staff and B.O.M achieve the best possible quality of education for students.
  • To develop and represent a collective viewpoint on matters regarding the education of their children


    Parents Association Members 2023-2024



    Shanthini Chandrasagaran


    Aine McArdle


    Angela Smith