Sunday Night Routine

Enfield Community College strives for high standards in all aspect of school life. Consequently, we expect students to present for school each Monday fully prepared for the week of learning ahead of them. This routine includes:

Getting to bed early

Laying out the full school uniform for the morning ahead

Checking Compass for any notes or notices of upcoming events

Ensuring that all homework has been completed

Packing all equipment/learning resources needed for Monday

Lunch prepared for the morning

Alarm clock set in plenty of time

This routine should be mirrored every other school night as well, but an extra effort should be made on Sunday evenings to get the students week off to a good start. We would also advise that any weekend homework should be completed on Friday afternoons/evenings.

We have chosen Compass as our communication platform between home and school. This will give parents/guardians the opportunity to review their child’s weekly progress, homework, resources and communicate with our college in relation to any absences etc.   Therefore, we encourage all parents/guardians to check the Compass app each day for updates on their child.