School Uniform

Our uniform consists of a pleated skirt, trousers (girls can wear trousers if they prefer), jumper, shirt, tie and navy socks.

Our PE uniform consists of tracksuit zipped bottoms, ¼ zip top, PE T-shirt and school jacket.

Please note the following carefully:

  1. Students are forbidden to alter the style of the school uniform or add to it.
  2. The following items are strictly forbidden: runners (except for P.E.), all jewellery (except single ear stud), all facial piercings and make up.
  3. Hair must be kept neat and tidy and tied back in practical classes.
  4. Uniform shoes must always be worn to and from school and in school. Please see list of acceptable and unacceptable school shoes for more information. 
  5. Ties are not to be worn at a distance away from the collar of the shirt.
  6. Only the School Crested Jacket may be worn. Other jackets are not permitted.
  7. Exemptions from the uniform code are given only in exceptional circumstances.
  8. The school appreciates your support in maintaining good standards among our students.
  9. Parent(s)/Guardian(s) must contact the school if they have any difficulty in acquiring the school uniform.