What Our Current Students Say About Us

At Enfield Community College we asked our pupils what they thought of our school.

Our pupils had the following to say:


ECC were amazing when it came to helping me to settle in. All the teachers were really nice and very friendly. The core value is respect. In a lot of school’s people worry about lockers and how they are going to find the classrooms. In our school, that is not a problem. You will make lots of friends really quickly. Once you join our school you join our community! You will also learn a lot of new things.”

“My school is new and enjoyable. My favourite subject is Spanish and Irish. When I am in school, I feel safe and happy. The lead up to the new school was exciting and will be worth the wait for when it is fully built. The work is harder than in primary school, but that was expected. It seems small from the outside, but it is pretty big on the inside. There are 37 students in my year group and there are 19 students in my class. My class is called Rang Taylor and the other class is called Rang Breslin. All the teachers are nice and are good at doing their job. The students are nice too. It is a friendly and welcoming school that accepts students who do not speak English. We already did 3 projects in history, geography and science. We are four weeks into the school year, it is a very good school in a sense that it is so close to home.”

“I have only been in this school for a month and I already feel welcomed and respected. This school has a good bunch of people, so if you are not happy there is always someone to talk to, you are never alone. This is your community, my community, our community. We are all in this together, no one should feel left out. Nobody is perfect but everyone is equal. Be proud of yourself in this school and have respect. It can be frightening thinking about starting secondary school, but we were like you and now we are all having fun. All we do is try our best, have fun and learn!”

“In my school I always feel safe and welcome. I also always feel respected and listened to. I always have fun in school. You always see people laughing, smiling and having fun.”

Starting in ECC I was kind of nervous. Everyone was very welcoming which definitely made it easier to settle in. There are currently two classes in the school. Rang Taylor and Rang Breslin. I like this school because it is a small school. We are also lucky to be able to use laptops to do our work. The subjects I am enjoying most are home economics, maths and English. I am proud to be a part of the history of ECC and I am excited to see our school community grow.”

“School is a very cool place especially secondary. It creates tones of memories; you can find lots of new friends and it is there to educate you in a fun way. ECC do all of those things through the school year. If you ever feel worried or anxious, there is a guidance counsellor and plenty of teachers and us students are here too. I am very proud to be part of this amazing community.”

This schools means to me a place where I feel respected and cared for. A place that you enjoy, where you always have someone to talk to. Somewhere you are not scared to be judged, bullied or hurt. It is a place where every morning you are not worried about the day ahead. Where you are treated like an adult. Even if you have a hard time outside of school, you can forget about it all. A place you can feel safe. A place you make lifelong memories and friends.”

“My school means a lot to me. The teachers really love the subjects they teach. This makes it easy to really like the subjects as well. We use an app called Compass School Manager for our homework instead of school journals. I am quite happy here.”

One thing I would like to say is that when I wake up in the morning, knowing that I am going to school and that I am going to take part in school, I feel very happy, safe, proud and honoured to participate in ECC. I also want to say that this school is based on respect and that involves honesty, loyalty, being helpful, being kind to one another, caring about each other, cooperating and listening to one another. In all words a team, a community full of joy and happiness.”

“The best things in school are the things we do, the places we go, the friends we make, the risks we take but most importantly it’s the memories we make along the way. School is with you for a long time. From the day you start till the day you graduate. You have your friends, your family, your teachers and many more. School is with you to have fun, to learn and to do much bigger and greater things in the future. You need school, so make the most of it and have fun. School is a place to call home! Some people say they wake up in the morning to play soccer or to do art or play with their friends, but I wake up to come to school. When I realise I have school that day it fills my heart. Other people say that their school is fun and great and if they think their school is fun, then wait until they see ECC. It is the best. The teachers are lovely and the school itself is just overall really homely and very welcoming.”

ECC is a great school which is very easy to settle into because there are a lot less students than a big school. There is a very small chance of you getting lost and being late for classes. The teachers are all nice too and you will get to know everyone pretty quickly and possibly make a few new friends also.”

 “My school is a place I feel excited to go to. I feel welcome by many and I feel I can share my opinions without being judged. In fact, I feel listened to and respected. There wont ever be a day where is dread going to school, because everyone is so friendly, and they all accept everyone for who they are. My teachers and principal are so nice. You feel like you have been best friends all your life, while talking and not student to teacher or student to principal. When I go to school I feel safe and I feel like I have not got a care in the world. These are some of the reasons I love my school.”

My school is a place I can come and forget all my fears and worries. It is a place where I get many opportunities and make the most of them as I can make my dreams a reality. An important word for me is trust. My school is a place I trust. I can trust that I will be respected and will respect. I can trust that I will have fun. I can trust all my talents will be recognised and appreciated.”

“I love school especially the teachers. I love all of them. I also love how the teachers always try their best to help me and everyone else. School is a place where I feel safe. I am so grateful the teachers and the school I have.”

I come to this school very excited, worry free and safe. Although school is a place of learning, it has a very home like atmosphere. I come here and I feel happy. While I am here, I feel I can be myself because in ECC everyone is welcomed. Everyone is equal and everyone is allowed to be who they want to be without the fear of being judged. I came to ECC in 2020, the first year it was available. I was going to be going into 2nd year in another secondary, but I wasn’t truly happy there. I was very intrigued by ECC and I made a very big decision to repeat 1st year here. The first day I came here, I knew it was the right decision. This school is bright happy and accepting. The atmosphere tis truly refreshing and it feels so nice. The teachers are so helpful with everything. It is such an amazing school, it was definitely the best decision I have made.”

“School is like one big family to me. The reason for that is that the teachers will do anything to make your life better, like your parents. The Principal is like your Grandad because they are the one who made the school and started off with the family. Your friends are like brothers and sisters. You will have disagreements now and then but them disagreements will make you closer than ever! Another reason why I am in ECC and why I like it is because I like helping my community. By helping my community we get a better school, which will give us access to a better college and most importantly Enfield will get stronger.”


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